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Bars & RestaurantsBars & Restaurants

Venues Looking
For Live Music

As every musician knows, booking gigs can be daunting. You want to focus on the craft and grow as an artist, but it’s hard to hone your skills when you are constantly trying to drum up events. That is where MusicLift can help.

With our online platform, private parties, outdoor gatherings, cafes, restaurants, and ​bars looking for live music​ can quickly and easily find you. Whether you are a life-long musician, just starting out, or a casual performer, our system can save you time and energy by connecting you directly with private parties, cafes, restaurants, and ​bar gigs​.

Share your music, build valuable relationships, and stop wasting time hunting for private parties, restaurants, and ​bars looking for musicians​.

How musiclift works for bands/musicians

There are always all types of venues from small household gatherings to large corporate parties, from hole-in-the-wall coffee shops to ​bars looking for bands​. Working with MusicLift helps you find those locations quickly and easily. By simply setting up a profile, you are making yourself available to anyone ​booking bands for bars​ and other interesting venues. Here​’​s how it works:


MusicLift allows venues to find you easily by filtering based on genre, location, pricing, and more.


With MusicLift, you can set your own price, genres, post videos and music, and talk to interested venues.


The MusicLift system guarantees timely compensation after each gig.


​MusicLift does not charge musicians any subscription or posting fees.

It is incredibly simple to set up a profile and make yourself visible to the venues that are already looking for musicians like you. Think about it: if you were the person ​booking bands for your bar or restaurant​, wouldn’t you want this kind of convenience?

Best of all, our online platform has transparent pricing and easy accessibility. There are no fees to you as a musician. So, if you’re looking for more opportunities to perform, come work with us.