Help for artists in times of Covid-19

We’re all aware that these are extremely difficult times for everybody. Artists in particular have been hit hard due to the inherent nature of the business. Because of this, the organization Americans for the Arts has put together a fund, known as Artist Relief, to hand out $5000 grants for artists in dire need. The barriers to apply are extremely low, and assuming that you are a U.S. citizen, all you need is to be an artist and give a detailed explanation for why you are in dire need of a grant.

It’s during times like this that it is vitally important to stand up for one another and support each other. Funds like this help bring that vision into reality and MusicLift is trying to play its part by helping spread the word of this valuable resource.

We are happy to be financial supporters of Artist Relief and help musicians through this difficult time.

To apply, head over to and apply now!

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