Reasons We Love Live Music

As the country opens back up, the demand for live music is skyrocketing. Here at MusicLift, we couldn’t be more excited. 2020 challenged musicians and audiences to reinvent live shows. For a year, Instagram livestreams and YouTube uploads replaced cafés and concert venues. Now, live performances are moving off our screens and back into local establishments.

In this revitalizing time of transition, it’s important to reflect on the power of live music. A good show can connect, refresh, and inspire a community. Though so many of our MusicLift artists found creative solutions to shutdown, nothing replaces the experience of a great performance — full of smiles, mic checks, and an encore or two.

Music Helps Us Make Friends

Live performances allow for great connections. Andrew Alford, the head of MusicLift, says that in the past year his “ability to connect with my musician friends” almost disappeared. Part of the thrill of live music resides in the social aspect. Without the chance to spend time together, building a community of music lovers is tough. That’s where we come in. MusicLift wants to make it easier to unite musicians and audiences. With our easy-to-use site, finding fellow artists, who take their craft seriously, is quicker than ever before.

Though the shutdown devastated music lovers, our musicians perhaps missed live music the most. Julia Warden, another member of the MusicLift team, shares, “I miss camaraderie of being in an orchestra, and working on my favorite pieces with others around me while all sharing a few laughs.”

Live Music Returns!

Music Inspires Us

Whether it be the isolation or the financial distress of a year without live music, MusicLift is excited for this summer. At our core, the power of music and of community motivates everything we do. Leslie Alford, another mind behind the company, shares that live music provides “an excuse to not talk and just be present.”

In reflecting on our year of silence, gratitude for the present remains. We hope that with MusicLift you can find new ways to show appreciation for your local musicians. Because, as we’ve seen, a world without art and connection is a lonely one indeed. We are curious and excited to learn more about what brings you to MusicLift. So, what have you missed most about live music?

MusicLift wants to make this transition as smooth and seamless as possible. In the past year of lockdown, we streamlined the booking process. Our site allows for quick, simple, quality musical connections. Book a musician you love in a few clicks. Impress your friends, customers, or coworkers with your impeccable taste in local talent. Use MusicLift for easy access to live music. In a post-pandemic world, an excellent performance for a reasonable rate is minutes away.

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Wow, thanks for this! I miss the rush of hearing your favorite tunes take shape in front of you.

Music has been the reason I’ve met and grown closer to so many of my friends! I agree there’s something special about live music as compared to playing it off a phone or laptop.

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